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Habits die hard! Am back from my break…back to blog!

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens.
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things……

Cream colored Ponies, crisp apple strudels.
Door bells and sleigh bells and satchel with noodles.
High bees that fly with a moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things……

Girls in pink dresses with blue satin sashes,
Snowflakes that fall on my nose and eye-lashes.
Silver white winter that melts into stream,
These are a few of my favorite things……

When the dogs bite, when the bees sting,
When I am feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don’t feeeeelllll……soooo bad!!!

This morning found me humming to Robert Wise’s ‘Sound Of Music’ and I still am. Wise director of a musical must see movie! But that is more than four decades old, why should it crawl into my mind now and where from? Is it the rain or weather or goose pimples…strange! Seasonally Strange!!! (ahem…I am not sure what I mean by that but using these two ‘S’ words together here seemed appropriate for my mood).

I felt a devilish desire to bunk work today, speed with my Scooty between 60-80 along the ECR road, whistling the lyrics above happily as if I couldn’t care any lesser. I wanted to sit by the shores, so close to the sea waves, teasing it to touch my toes and pulling away when it attempts to. I wanted to plug my headphones into my ears and indulge in soothing melodies that begins with the head and flow thru the veins. I wanted to dance like a gypsy and run in a race to allow the gushing wind meddle with my hair, releasing the stands from the clutch of my broach.

On a day like this, on a weather so wet, here I am in office, sipping my coffee and looking longingly through the glass windows hoping it would vanish and let the cool breeze caress my face. If I was Harry Potter or Hermione Granger, I could have cast an ‘Alohomorah’ but since I am Archana, I returned to my bay still humming ‘Raindrops on roses…’ to myself. It’s a shame that I find myself trapped by the codes and norms that IT folks falsely believe is demanded out of them. Responsibility is required, sincerity is sensible but is extending it to the extent that our lives get exhausted is a deed as worthy as that?

People find it very techy to gape at Microsoft Windows day-in, day-out, failing to realize that their real days are fading out. I don’t buy the argument that “Being all geeky and glued to your machine are the requisites for an elite”. Brain, heart and mind are different entities, each need to be treated with the respect it deserves and here we are, professionals, blending the three and becoming a moron. Has our vocabulary become so condensed and infiltrated with technical jargons that we are handicapped to understand that there exists a word that spells B-A-L-A-N-C-E, leave alone remembering its synonym?

Wild as I am, I worry not about the worldly opinions or enforcements but I do have a little gratitude for the five digit sum deposited into my account at the end of every month that I need to reserve my fantasies until the weekend. In the meanwhile, the least I could do is to do what I hadn’t been doing for a few days…to blog and break my spirtis free.

I am a queer believer of astrology. I believe only the good things that are predicted and refuse to listen to the negative threats and for a reason. Whether astrological predications work out or not, our deepest beliefs, be it good or bad, will definitely materialize. Says who? Not me, check out ‘The Power of your Sub Conscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy. I make it a point to keep my beliefs positive thereby influencing my sub-conscious with a green signal. As per recent predictions, my troubled times are bidding me good-bye by completion of June 2007 and my life is supposed to take a turn for the better. Why should I not believe it? I embrace this thought so close that astrology or not, I would make the change effectible myself.

Ten more days of fretful June and a jolly July looms ahead, I promise myself. Change of climate, sunny skies to wintery weather, a little earlier in the year than usual tells me that I am not alone in this. Today as a starter, when I associate myself with the weather after quite a long time, let me try to revert back from my break and begin being myself. I called my PG owner to inform that I would be home for dinner as the team-out planned for the day stays cancelled and I heard her caller tune… “June ponal July katrey…(As June fades, July air prevails)” – Good Omen!!!

“Wish you all the very best Archu, May God bless you!”

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10 thoughts on “Transition

  1. @Anonymous: Thanks to the rain! 🙂

    @Sathish: You’ve tried to guess what I have already told in my post itself…Nice guesses, only thing there weren’t guesses. Thanks anyways.

  2. Ha! the sensational exit didnt work in attracting attention so now switching to sensational reentry….well what can I say [:)]

  3. Hello Arachana, one of my friends recommended ur blog n I skipped through the topics. These r really cheerful. Keep up ur work. I know they task u a lot at office, but ur blog here can actually lift the spirits of many a people.

  4. @Amar: I was so pleased to see a comment on a post that was four years old. I re-read what I had written then and drifted into nostalgia. How much has my life changed! So glad that it was for the better, more glad that my blog is making people feel so. Thanks a lot for the encouragement and making me relive memories. Keep visiting!

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