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Two Years since I left India

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It’s been two years since I left India,
The country I called home
As I grew from a child to a woman,
My home closed into a dome

I lived in India for thirty-one years,
I was preached about rights and wrongs
But my thoughts were always at odds
And I never really belonged.

I was asked to open my mouth,
But only to eat my food.
My lips were sealed from saying,
My opinions on bad and good.

I was taught how to write
But given a pen without ink,
I kept tirelessly scratching on papers,
It seemed no one bothered to blink.

Marriage brought me respect
And motherhood stole my sexuality
I had a different rule book to memorize
A different lie to live

My dreams were ridiculed
My intelligence questioned
My personality was judged
And my identity dismissed

When I was done taking cultural lessons,
I decided to quit and flee,
I left my homeland for good,
And suddenly I am free!

It’s been two years since I landed in Canada
It’s been welcoming, inclusive and nice.
I am far from living a perfect life.
But I am, at least, living mine.

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