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Vacation In Kerala

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One week of tranquil,
One week of greens.
Our vacation in Kerala.
So splendid it seems.

With four bags for luggage,
And two kids in tow,
Our trip began last Wednesday,
When we boarded the IndiGo.

The House Boat at Alleppey,
Was a ride to remember.
Loved the view, loved the food.
Loved everything but the weather.

Our transit to Munnar,
Was delayed by a day.
Transport strikes are common,
Or that’s what they say.

Though we holed up in a resort,
We liked what we saw.
Our kids enjoyed the play area,
And us, the Ayurvedic Spa.

Our next day to Munnar,
Passed as smoothly as it should.
Our kids threw a ruckus,
But the stereo made it good.

Bird Valley Resort,
Welcomed us with quiet.
The cottage stood serene.
And the sky gleamed bright.

A walk around the plantation.
The taste of mulberry,
Gentle swing of the hammock,
An evening without worry.

Then came the clichés,
All the site-seeing rituals.
Gardens, dams and elephant rides,
Oh you know, the usual.

We bought bottles of lotions,
And ate a few tasty fishes.
We snoozed a settled sleep,
And woke up to birthday wishes

We returned back to Bangalore,
Turning thirty-one all the way.
A selfie picture to post,
And a travel story to say.

When I logged into the world,
The Internet, I mean,
I was overwhelmed by the wishes,
That flashed across the screen.

All the wishes and blessings,
Every message from everyone.
Wrapped our vacation so wonderfully,
Thanks a million!

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