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Vishwaroopam Vengeance

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What the f**k is happening in our country, in our society? I’ve never intentionally used degrading language in my blog post before but this sudden ban on Vishwaroopam makes me want to learn every single abusive word in the dictionary of all languages and spit it out violently like an angry schizophrenic TB patient. I am so ashamed and appalled at the absurdity of the ban. Groups that want to stop the movie release should at least put in some effort in coming up with a little more convincing reason. Hindu-Muslim disharmony? What a load of crap!

The common Hindus and Muslims of India today have been living together in peace. In fact, people don’t look at one’s religious tag to decide whether to make friendship with someone or not. Inter-religious marriages are on the rise. Only religious fanatics and people with political gains keep playing this Hindu-Muslim trump card time and again and blow things out of proportion. It’s like shouting fire and calling for fire engine to put out a candle that they lighted up on a bright sunny, no power-failure day. Do they really want peace or are they merely trying to cultivate antagonism between Hindus and Muslims who otherwise have no problems with each other?

And to blame and ban a movie of a legend, a movie that had been pre-screened and won the approval of Hindu, Christian and Muslim censor board members is heights of atrocity. We all know the genius of Kamal Hasaan. Not just as an actor but as a versatile teetotaler in every aspect of movie making. With his every movie, he has been raising the standards of not only Tamil cinema, but Indian cinema as a whole. It is difficult to name one member in the current Indian cinema industry who could match him in his every sphere of excellence, as an actor, director, producer, technician, writer, singer, dancer and what not?

It’s our society’s blessing to have a genius among us but what are we doing about that? Nothing. Let aside encouraging his experiments, we can at least stop creating stupid meaningless hurdles. Are we so jealous of someone’s triumph and success that we’d leave no stone unturned to pose an obstacle? ‘Anbe Shivam’ which flopped in the box office is still remembered as one of the finest masterpieces that we never tire of watching. Why didn’t we make it a success then? Was our taste for art and different cinema hibernating in an igloo when the movie was released? What about that Sandiyar-Virumaandi scandal? We didn’t care and we don’t care about the current ban on Vishwaroopam either. We don’t care whether Kamal who has spent in crores to make a good movie for us suffer a loss because of a few wrongfully wrathful mobs. We don’t care that the expectations of millions like us eagerly awaiting the movie release is tramped upon for baseless blames.

What are all the stars of the movie industry doing? Why hasn’t anyone raised voice in support of Kamal? There you go; the heroes and heroines whom we applaud on the screens are just scared sheep who dare risk their skin. No no, we will not say anything that’ll tarnish our image. We will keep quiet, watch the news and say a few words to Kamal in private. No public supportive statements, sorry – Isn’t that their stand? Such shame! Movies that encourage crime, violence, chauvinism and sex have recorded hit numbers and something like Vishwaroopam that has explored another dimension of Indian cinema is fighting for its release!

As much as it is a blessing for us to call Kamal Hassan our own, I am starting to feel that it is his curse that he was born here. With his skill and talent, had he been born in Hollywood, he’d have outshone many of the leading actors there with such ease. Not because Hollywood is the best movie industry or anything but just because he wouldn’t be constantly blocked and culturally criticized for his innovative ideas. In fact I am sure, he’d have been so much more encouraged and cherished world-wide, something that we failed to do and continue to fail doing.

Let Indian cinema be clear of one thing. Perseverance is one of Kamal’s strongest traits. If he chooses to give up at any point of time, it is our loss, not his. When I was much younger, I just admired Kamal as a good actor. As I grew and kept seeing him growing multi-dimensionally, I’ve started respecting him as a great talented independent and individualistic person, a respect that has never seen a downward graph. From a fan’s standpoint, the only way that I can show my rage towards the ban is by blogging about it and I’ve done my part. I sincerely hope that the people in the upper echelon or those in a position to do something more than merely watch would stand up, support and save a good movie from dying before seeing daylight.

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16 thoughts on “Vishwaroopam Vengeance

  1. Totally agree with your post archana. Imagine hwo frustrating and demoralizing it must be for someone of his talent, creativity and stature!

  2. Tamil nadu only deserves movies of quality on par or lower with that of sura, alex pandian etc. one where easily people can watch the ‘hero’ shout at the top of his voice, show skimpily clad women, and talk nonsense whole time!

    We just don’t have enough time to watch movies that kindle newer school of thoughts and take Indian cinema to new heights! :-/

    As you said.. we have @*#$(@# who only always want some ‘political attention and drama’ via the genius, the epic that is KamalHassan!

  3. its killing of creativity… govt. should compensate the losses if movie is found non-objectionable by courts…. somebody trying to harass Kamal sir….

  4. Well, for my part, this issue does not resonate with me right now, but what I like about your post is that you’ve gone from blogging about your life’s events and your likes and experiences to protesting, questioning and voicing your opinion, like a serious magazine column. Branching out in your writing 😉

  5. @Aparna: The more successful someone is, the more hurdles they face in they progress. Thats India today for us. What a shame!

    @padfOOt: Maybe, if the audience with taste, stop using torrent to download good Tamil movies and encourage it by going to the theatres, good movies like Kamal’s might stand a chance. Else, we will always be cursed with movies without a sound plot, that cannot be differentiated from one another.

    @Lakshmipathy: Agreed.

    @Anon: Exactly. Thats what I am waiting to see. Kamal has seen and won many such battles. I am sure Vishwaroopam is going to be released and make a huge box office hit from as many Muslims as Hindus. The question then will be compensation. Lets see how the court accounts for it.

    @Meens: That was not a concious decision Meens. Just happened and there is no saying that I’ll stop writing life’s experiences either. We never know when we feel like writing or what we feel like writing until the moment we do. I’ve gone for months without a single post and then I’ve written multiple posts in a single month too. Creativity blogging cannot have a regular theme or frequency, right?

  6. On one hand, I think the publicity was really helping the movie… but now with the movie releasing all over the world except for TN, it will definitely mar the box office prospects of the movie.. the reviews are not great enuff and piracy will seriously kill this movie.

    I’d say Kamaal just got unlucky this time.. cos if this had happened a week before the release, the controversy wudda really helped the movie

    I think the more worrying aspect is that religion based politics is finding its ugly head and the gov has actually heeded to these claims rather too easily.

    Sad really.. that’s a bigger problem for all of us.


  7. @Cuckoo: Its already released outside Tamil Nadu. You don’t have to wait till Feb 1 really.

    @R-A-J: Watched the movie last Saturday. The movie is based in Afghanistan and America and since Afghans are Muslims, the characters are. It was all about war and terrorim. I have no clue how these Muslim organization brought religion into it. True, religion based politics is playing an ugly game here. Out of all the things that should demand a revolution in India, this religion based politics is definitely on the top of the list. Do I still really have to feel proud about being an Indian or Tamilzian for that matter?

  8. Hi Brothers, do not take this issue such a way effect our country. Now other commnities also will come up to make the issues against the scens in the old and up coming movies which effect Hindus and chirstians related. when you compare some of the other movei scens which compare the Hindus and chirstians this may not really a serious issue. and Do not forgot that censor board is already given the permit to release the movie. I dont think Kamalhassan is the personality to heart any commnity purposely. Listen the coment from AmeerKhan and bolly wood muslim actors who born and brought up in India.

  9. Well said Archana.

    There is no scenes against Muslim. This the problem b/w Multiplex cinema owners and Kamal. Full shame on media. 🙁
    But one thing is clear, who are all watched this movie, they will understand the real situation.

  10. @Albert A: We still don’t know who is behind the whole thing (or do we? :)) Anyways, now that the movie is released, lets hope that it gets the money back for Kamal. Vishwarooopam deserves it.

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