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Wizarding Visit – Potter Exclusive

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Disclaimer: This is not a spoiler. You can proceed without worries.

It was an unusually quiet night, barring the noise made by the nocturnal of the species. One could actually demonstrate the meaning of pin-drop silence at that odd spooky hour and mine would have been the only room lit up with bright light in a radius of around 2 Km. Strongly influenced by Harry pouring his head into the Pensive, I was pouring my head reverently into that big bound book as if a little more attempt could get me in. No, I didn’t have any university exam to face the next day! I was living the last few pages of the wizarding world created not by God but by J K Rowling – ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’.

It’s been nearly seven years since I started reading the first of the HP series, seven years of wait to reach the climax! I hate to believe that Harry Potter and his friends are fictional and even more to admit that the series has come to a closure. According to me, people who don’t realize the magic of the Potter series are Muggles and those who’ve seen just the movies without books are half-bloods. I am definitely not a supporter of Slytherin or the Death Eaters, still just for this once, I am a pure-blood for I’ve read and revised each of the HP series around three times, watched the movies for more times and played the games to completion. Fanatic Gryffindor!!! Oh yes, that’s what I call myself as far as Harry Potter is concerned.
The clock was showing somewhere between 2-3 am and my stomach was grumbling for something to snack on. I walked to the dungeon (err…kitchen I mean), more like sleepwalking, only to find all the boxes emptied out. Too sleepy to feel disappointed but too awake not to resume with HP7, I was about to return to my room when I heard it. I heard a voice, no, a couple of voices! Shhhh! Slowly sneaking like a thief in my own house, I tried eves-dropping this weird conversation that seemed to be happening in my room within the few minutes of my absence.
“Help me out, help me out!”

“Oi! Are you forgetting you are wizard? Magic yourself out like we did.”

“Right…as if I am Vol-, I mean, you-know-who to magic myself in and out of diaries and books!!!”

“Don’t be so sarcastic, you are much better than Voldemort, you are RON and stop using you-know and you-know what, will you? Let me give a wand!”
There was flapping of pages, whooshing sound and I could clearly make out two voices, undoubtedly Hermione and Ron. This couldn’t be real! I must be dreaming! Surely, characters of a novel cannot walk out from the book into the real world just like that! Absurd! Before I could get over the initial shock, there was this third voice.
“What are you guys barking about? To remind you of the present, you have come here to help me in my romantic quest – search for Ginny. And you guys shouting your arrival like this will spoil all surprises.”

There was no need to re-think, it was Harry Potter all right! But Ginny? Who? Here? Where? There was a flick and a flash and the very next moment, I saw the three-wizarding friends, enclosing me in a triangle. My immediate reflex was to scream and almost simultaneously, Hermione shouted “Quietus!”

“Glad to see you Ginny! Can you get us some pumpkin juice or butter beer? It was a long travel and we’re thirsty.”

“And so am I. Am sorry, there isn’t anything in the kitchen, I just checked…err…wait, WHAT, PUMPKIN JUICE? BUTTER BEER? There is no Ginny here. I am Archu and I assume you guys are under-age burglers. Remove yourself before I call the police.”

Of course, I was scared and was shouting to prevent it from showing. But the effect of the Quietus spell brought nothing more than a croak from my throat. Seeing me struggle, Harry gently waved his wand and lifted the spell.
“Cool Ginny. Look into my eyes. I am Harry, your Harry and it’ll be my birthday in a couple of minutes. Come on, you definitely remember me if not Ron and Hermione!”

“Thats correct! You-know-who has turned you into a muggle and you don’t need to panic. Fred and George have not come. It’s just us and I wouldn’t let a word slip. Me, your BIG brother has come to rescue you! You’ll be alright!”
As these so-called Harry and Ron were trying to convince me with the impossible, Hermione was already browsing thru my bookshelf, truly impressed. Unless I am very much mistaken, she had my ‘Let us C’ in her hand.
“Nice collection Ginny! The muggle that you’ve turned into isn’t so bad at all. Harry, Ron, Look at this! I’ve ransacked Hogwarts library a thousand times but never spotted any of these books. It’s all encrypted with if-then-else, for, while whatever…Ginny, is this anything similar to ancient runes?”

They seemed to appear comfortable and at home that I couldn’t get bewildered any more than that. I kept staring at them open-mouthed.
“Hermione, stop it, will you? Ginny is startled. Let me explain.” Harry cut in between, “Ginny, Voldemort took you as a captive to turn you into a Horcrux and unfortunately he succeeded. I was overwhelmed with fury and jealousy when Dumbledore told me that you were possessed with Voldemort’s soul while you should be possessed with mine. I fought and destroyed him with Amortentia, the love potion for which the Weasley twins charged 100 Gallons. Though Voldemort’s soul in you has vanished, you will remain a muggle for sometime till you fully recover. Of course, Madam Pomfrey would be too happy to take care of that and that’s why we are here, to take you to her…”
“Yeah…It’s something like amnesia in Muggle terms, you know.” Ron smiled sheepishly, happy for having remembered some of his dad’s muggle mentioning.
“Listen! This is Archu, I repeat, A-R-C-H-U! I am not Ginny and I am perfectly alright. I don’t believe anything of what you say and I am not coming with you weirdoes.” I was throwing off all the bottled up confusion together and the effort causing me to sweat and pant.

Don’t you speak like Harry’s cousin, Dudley!!!”, Hermione raised her voice to admonish. “After all the pains that we’ve taken to reach you here, I would never allow you to break my friend’s heart even if you are Ron’s sister. You can’t kid me that you weren’t fancying Harry. You can’t fool that you have never poured into Harry Potter series day-in and day-out wanting to get in. Infact that is how we discovered you here. We’ve come to take you to where you belong. Hurry now, make a move!”

“NO NO NO I am not Ginny. I am not coming. I loved Harry’s world but this is my world. I am not coming. Leave me, Please leave me. NO!”

I was shouting and pleading together as Harry took one of my hands and Hermione took the other chaining Ron already. On the count of three, they turned around on their foot and my world started to shrink and shrink and shrink…..They were APPARATING WITH ME! Apparating (kidnapping for common understaning) to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to train me from scratch or to St.Mungu hospital to cure me, I’ll never know, for when we arrived at the destination, I was alone on my sofa, my room still lit up, night quiet and creepy as ever and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ rested devilishly on my lap, closed and contented.

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7 thoughts on “Wizarding Visit – Potter Exclusive

  1. This is reply to your statement “According to me, people who don’t realize the magic of the Potter series are Muggles”…well According to me, people who *read* Harry potty are boring people who are not interested in shares 🙂

  2. @shreenivas: is it? then what do you call people like me who are interested both in Potter and Shares? Nerds??? Naahhhhh…we r like algebraic complex numbers with ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’ parts :))

    @sathish: your recent comments tells me that u r working hard on ur vocabulary…good keep it up! and for ur comments to this post, thanks!

  3. Hey Archu,

    Splendid!.. I loved the idea.. :-))
    and I loved it even more for the feel of the Harry Potter world.. Only.. if the trio had come to take me there.. I wouldn’t have hesitated at all… OOh! I’d have jumped at the chance.. 🙂 Though I don’t fancy Harry..I’d rather be Harry.. 😛

    Loved it again…

  4. @Meens: Thanks Meens..I’ll remember that…next time the trio come to pay me a visit, I’ll redirect them to you… and if you be Harry yourself, i’d love Harry all the more :))

  5. Gud one..
    what happened havent found much updates in the blog for some long time now.
    anyways have got access to net now and thats y am writing out a comment for u :))

  6. @sathappan: thanks sathappan…so as not to disappoint u, i’ve posted again…see above, i guess it’d be an interesting read 😉

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